“We bought some rug anchors last year in Yuma and they are fantastic.  I use them in our home and in our RV.”
Cheryl Sabata
Troutdale, Oregon

“I bought anchors at Quartzite last year and tried them in my motor home. We love them, and now we are in Yuma and I need more packages for myself and friends”

Peg Schlunegger
Hailey Idaho

“I’ve tried a lot of thing to keep my rugs in place, and these are the only things that worked.”
Mary Barber
Kelso, Washington

“Excellent! The best thing I’ve found for the car!”
Don Barabe
Alberta, Canada

“The anchors are sturdy and do the job very well, and they are easy to use.”
Al Zolinsky
San Diego, California

“They work! Keeps me from having to bend over all the time.”
Sandy Trainer
Boise, Idaho

“They work great and we need more. This is the first time that we have found anything that works and we’re getting two packages for friends.”
Bill and Betty Solders
Winchester, Idaho

“We just love them and we’re back to get more.”
Gerry McKinley
Yuma, Arizona

“They work exactly like they are supposed to and we are here to get some more.”
Laura Hall
Alberta, Canada

“This is our second pack for the runners in our motor home.”
Roger and Stella Holly
Grants Pass, Oregon

“They work great and we’re back to get a package for our daughter.”
Donna and Bill Lamp
Filer, Idaho

“We got one set and came back to get another.”
Stan and Sharon Rowlands
Livingston, Texas