Just wanted you to know that we received our two packages of Rug Rats last Wednesday and have been very happy with them.

We have a dog, Sarah that likes to run around in our carpeted basement, and we need to have smaller rugs on top of the room rug so that muddy/wet paws don’t lead to constant carpet cleanings.  But the larger rugs like to bunch up when Sarah runs back and forth.  They bunch up enough to quickly become a trip hazard.  Rug tape has never worked so I went looking for something that would.

We received the Rug Rats and installed them, later the same day my daughter arrived with her two dogs before she left on vacation and we dog-sat them for five days.  Five days with three dogs frantically chasing and wrestling each other on those carpets, and with the Rug Rats the carpets stayed in place!


Usually, they’s end up bunched up against the wall or pushed all over the rooms when we dog sit, but not with the Rug Rats installed.  It was so nice not to have to constantly be messing with the carpets because of the dogs playing.  So far, I’m thrilled with your product, and now that we’re back to the one dog, I’m confident those rugs will stay in place until I need to move them.

Great Product, Thanks!!

Chynthia Robinson